About Me.

Hi friends! My name is Lina and I am a certified personal trainer that wants to share my story and inspire others! My fitness journey hasn’t really been a consistent one. I first started when I was in High-School. I was picked on a lot for multiple reasons when I was younger, and the only thing that I could change was my weight so I did. I started off with doing cardio everyday for an hour. I would barely eat but I saw a lot of changes. I was leaner and although I was happy with the way I looked but was miserable with my eating habits and doing cardio. I was able to keep the routine up somewhat during my first years of college, but then stopped exercising completely.

I’d like to think my real journey started when I graduated college. At that time I was not exercising and my eating habits were poor. I had also been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder that would cause me to have panic attacks and insomnia. In a last ditch effort to get myself together I decided that I would try to work out. Working out for me was frustrating for me because no matter what I did I didn’t see any results. When I met my boyfriend Lesleigh he introduced me to bodybuilding. At first I was really intimidated and had the misconception that if I touched weights I would look like a man. Through learning about bodybuilding and starting to lift my misconceptions dissipated and I soon to fell in love with bodybuilding. I started to see changes not only physically but mentally as well. After my boyfriend left for his duty station I decided to take it up a notch and decided to compete in my first bodybuilding show. In May of 2016 I was able to compete in the NPC Mid-Atlantic Cup and after months of hard work and dieting I placed fourth in True Novice. It may not seem like a big  deal to anyone, but for me it was the first fitness goal that I had accomplished and followed through.

I became a certified personal trainer so that I could help them achieve their own goals and educate people about health and fitness. I hope to inspire others by telling my story and sharing my journey. In 2018 I plan on stepping on stage as a figure competitor, and I am so excited to share my story to the stage.